NVIDIA Nsight Systems

Getting Started Guide
NVIDIA Nsight Systems is a system-wide performance analysis tool designed to visualize an application's algorithms, help you identify the largest opportunities to optimize, and tune to scale efficiently across any quantity or size of CPUs and GPUs; from large server to our smallest SoC.
Release Notes
Learn about the latest features and updates of NVIDIA Nsight Systems, as well as any known issues and workarounds.
Profiling with Nsight Systems
NVIDIA Nsight Systems collects performance data in your applications, illustrating where you can optimize your code.
Tracing with Nsight Systems
NVIDIA Nsight Systems collects precise information about various activities happening in either the host system or target, helping fine-tune your application to scale efficiently.
Additional Information
This section covers more advanced topics about Nsight Systems, as well as additional resources and a troubleshooting guide.
Copyright and License Notices
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