Release Notes

NVIDIA SDK Manager 2.1.0

What’s New

  • SDK Manager is now available to install directly from the NVIDIA APT/RPM repo.

  • New SDK support: Aerial Research Cloud (ARC-OTA) SDK and RAPIDS SDK.

  • Enhanced the USB 3.0 flashing process for Jetson devices.

  • Enabled HTTPS proxy configuration of NVIDIA target devices during the installation process.

  • You can now switch to CLI mode when the display is not configured correctly.

  • Different improvements to the command line interface flow (CLI).

  • Bug fixes and improvements.


  • Improved the GUI and CLI flow to install Jetson SDKs on the target devices that are connected via USB 3.0 cable.

  • Allow the installation of DOCA SDK with the root user.

  • Install the SDK Manager client from NVIDIA APT/RPM online repositories.

  • Improved command-line interface capabilities: - Set a new interactive interface to enable you to make selections and run the desired configuration. - Unified all command arguments to a new format. - Support added for auto-complete command options, with suggestions provided for in- correct command options.

Known Issues

  • Some SDK components can have conflicts that cause an installation error when another release is already installed. If this occurs, uninstall the previously installed SDK, then install the new version.

  • If the CUDA installation fails, run sudo apt purge for all installed CUDA and nvcc related packages, then run SDK Manager again.

  • DOCA users: At the end of the install session, if you have a Controller / Converged Accelerator, or use remote install, you will need to manually power cycle the host where the device is attached.

  • When installing the DRIVE SDK using the SDK Manager Docker image, flashing the target may fail if ADB is running on the host machine. Make sure to stop the ADB before flashing, using the following command on your host machine:

    sudo killall adb
  • SDK Manager supports installation on Network File System (NFS) with ext4 type. Installations on NFS with other filesystem types are not supported, and may result in errors.

Jetson Users

  • When installing JetPack SDK using the SDK Manager Docker image, you should first install qemu-user-static and binfmt-support on your host machine, then run the following command on your host machine:

    sudo update-binfmts --enable

    Without these steps, you will get the following error during installation from the File System and OS component:

    'dpkg': Exec format error
  • When flashing JetPack 4.x, ensure that no more than one target hardware is in recovery mode.

  • When installing Jetson SDK components on multiple Jetson boards at once, all active boards must be connected to the Internet using an Ethernet cable.

  • When flashing to a USB flash drive on Jetson Developer Kits for Orin and Xavier modules, a minimum of 256GB space is required on the flash drive.

Holoscan Users

When flashing IGX Orin Developer Kits, sometimes SDK Manager fails with the following error:

timeout in USB write

To resolve this issue, switch the USB cable, use a different USB port, or reboot the device.


  • The latest CUDA driver is required for the cuBB SDK container to run. You may need to reboot the host machine after installing the CUDA driver. After rebooting the host machine, run the following command to start the container:

    sudo docker start cuBB
Then, to work with the container, run:
sudo docker exec -it cuBB /bin/bash
  • Foxconn O-RU systems: when first upgrading the SDK version and the firmware upgrade, the system hangs. To work around this issue, a hard reset of the Foxconn O-RU system is required.