Release Notes

What's new in Video Codec SDK 11.1

Encode Features:

  1. DirectX 12 support for H.264 and HEVC encode (supported on Windows 20H1 and later OS).
  2. Support for specifying chroma QP offsets for Cb and Cr components.
  3. Support for maintaining single slice in frames during intra refresh.

Package Contents

This package contains the following:

  1. Sample applications demonstrating various encoding/decoding/transcoding capabilities
    • [.\Samples\]
  2. NVIDIA video encoder API header
    • [.\Interface\nvEncodeAPI.h]
  3. NVIDIA video decoder API headers
    • [.\Interface\cuviddec.h]
    • [.\Interface\nvcuvid.h]
  4. NVIDIA video decoder and encoder stub libraries
    • [.\Lib\linux\stubs\x86_64\]
    • [.\Lib\linux\stubs\x86_64\]
    • [.\Lib\linux\stubs\ppc64le\]
    • [.\Lib\linux\stubs\ppc64le\]
    • [.\Lib\linux\stubs\aarch64\]
    • [.\Lib\linux\stubs\aarch64\]
    • [.\Lib\Win32\nvcuvid.lib]
    • [.\Lib\Win32\nvencodeapi.lib]
    • [.\Lib\x64\nvcuvid.lib]
    • [.\Lib\x64\nvencodeapi.lib]

The sample applications provided in the package are for demonstration purposes only and may not be fully tuned for quality and performance. Hence the users are advised to do their independent evaluation for quality and/or performance.


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