VPI - Vision Programming Interface

3.1 Release


Declaration of VPI's algorithms. More...


 Background Subtractor
 Separate foreground and background from video.
 Bilateral Filter
 Runs a generic 2D bilateral filter over the input image.
 Box Filter
 Runs a generic 2D box filter over the input image.
 Brute Force Matcher
 Runs a brute force matcher algorithm on descriptors.
 Canny Edge Detector
 Runs the canny edge detector algorithm over the input image.
 Convert Image Format
 Converts the image contents to the desired format, with optional pixel value scaling and offset.
 Convolves an image with a 2D kernel.
 Crop Scaler
 Crops rectangular regions from the input image, rescale them to uniform dimensions and writes them in a single image to be used in further batched image processing.
 DCF Tracker
 Tracks object bounding boxes on a sequence of frames using the Discriminative Correlation Filter (DCF) algorithm.
 Equalize Image Histogram
 Equalize image histogram for the input image.
 FAST Corners
 Detect FAST corners in an image, usually used in keypoint tracking.
 Fast Fourier Transform
 Operations that applies the Fast Fourier Transform and its inverse to 2D images.
 Gaussian Filter
 Runs a generic 2D Gaussian filter over the input image.
 Gaussian Pyramid Generator
 Creates a Gaussian pyramid from the input image.
 Harris Corners
 Detect Harris keypoints in an image, usually used in keypoint tracking.
 Image Histogram
 Computes image histogram from the input image.
 Image Flip
 Flips a 2D image either horizontally, vertically or both.
 Image Statistics
 Returns various image statistics of the input image.
 KLT Feature Tracker
 Runs KLT Feature tracking on a sequence of frames.
 Laplacian Pyramid Generator
 Creates a Laplacian pyramid from the input image.
 Median Filter
 Runs a 2D median filter over the input image.
 Find in an image the minimum and maximum value locations.
 Mix Channels
 Mix channels from one or more input image channels to one or more output image channels.
 Filter an image with a 2D binary kernel composed with the erode morphological operation.
 Filter an image with a 2D binary kernel composed with the dilate morphological operation.
 Dense Optical Flow
 Algorithm used to estimate the motion vectors from previous image to current image.
 Pyramidal LK Optical Flow
 Algorithm used to track points from one frame to the next.
 ORB features
 Runs the ORB algorithm over the input image to detect features and extract descriptors.
 Perspective Warp
 Applies a perspective warp on an image.
 Remaps the input image, effectively warping it using a user-provided mapping.
 Changes the dimensions of the input image while stretching/squeezing it.
 Stereo Disparity Estimator
 Estimates disparity from a stereo pair.
 Template Matching Algorithm
 Runs the template matching algorithm with template image over the searched image.
 Temporal Noise Reduction
 Performs temporal noise reduction in a sequence of images.
 Transform Estimator
 Estimate the transform between source and target keypoints.
 Color Names Features Extractor
 Extracts the Color Names features of the input image.
 Histogram of Oriented Gradients
 Extracts Histogram of Oriented Gradients features from input image.
 User-Defined Function
 Submits a user-defined function to be executed on the stream.
 Lens Distortion Correction

Detailed Description

Declaration of VPI's algorithms.

These are all algorithms VPI provides. It also declares functions that handle algorithm payloads.