VPI - Vision Programming Interface

0.4.4 Release

Sample Applications


The provided samples show how the library is used in simple scenarios. Most of them accept one or more arguments specifying the backend to be used, and the images to be processed. The result is saved back to disk into the same directory.

For convenience, VPI includes sample images that can be used as input. They are located in /opt/nvidia/vpi-0.4/samples/assets and can be referred directly.

Environment Setup

Sample applications are installed in /opt/nvidia/vpi-0.4/samples.

To build the sample application these packages must be installed:

  • cmake >= 3.8
  • g++ or clang (tested with g++-7 and clang-7)
  • OpenCV >= 3.2

For Ubuntu-18.04, install the packages by executing:

apt-get install cmake g++ libopencv-dev

The installer sets up the system to allow using VPI immediately. CMake is able to find the vpi package without additional user intervention. All header and library paths are set up correctly.

Build Instructions

From within a sample directory, execute:

cmake .

The sample is built into an executable in the same directory.

Once built, execute each sample using input images, such as those included in the sample assets directory.

Sample Applications

The provided sample applications, along with instructions on how to run them, are as follows.

  1. Convolve 2D
  2. Stereo Disparity
  3. Harris Corners Detector
  4. Rescale
  5. KLT Bounding Box Tracker
  6. Event timing
  7. FFT
  8. Cross-Compilation Targeting aarch64
  9. Temporal Noise Reduction
  10. Perspective Warp
  11. Fisheye Distortion Correction