On-Boarding Help

  1. Where is the HW BOM?

    Find the complete qualified Aerial Research Kit BOM at <https://gputelecom.gitlab-master-pages.nvidia.com/aerial-innovation-platform-docs/text/installation_guide/index.html#chapter-1-procure-the-hardware>

  2. Does the platform support MU-MIMO?

    Today the Aerial Research Kit does not offer MU-MIMO integrated interop, however the same platform is capable of adding software features for MU-MIMO. MU-MIMO support is targeted in Y2023

  3. Which frequency bands does the platform support?

    Currently Aerial Research Kit offers tested solution in n78 band, however with access to source can be qualified to interoperate in other sub-6 frequency bands

Logfiles generated while installing tools, OS and NVIDIA SW/FW can be found below:

Below page is a reference to the syllabus from NVIDIA/UIUC Accelerated Computing Teaching Kit and outlines each module’s organization in the downloaded Teaching Kit http://gputeachingkit.hwu.crhc.illinois.edu/

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