Aerial RAN CoLab Over-the-Air - 23.1.A0.6


The Aerial RAN CoLab Over-the-Air (ARC-OTA) alpha release (23.1.A0.6) delivers the following

The Aerial RAN CoLab Over-the-Air–A full featured platform targeted for next generation wireless evolution that eases developer onboarding and algorithm development in real time networks. The Aerial RAN CoLab Over-the-Air equips developers, researchers, operators and network equipment providers with all requisite components necessary to deploy a campus network for research with the following :

  1. A 3GPP Release 15 compliant and Over-The-Air(OTA) operational O-RAN 7.2 split campus 5G SA 4T4R wireless stack with all network elements from Radio Access Network and 5G Core. Aerial SDK Layer 1 ( is integrated with Open Air Alliance(OAI) ( Distributed Unit (DU), Centralized Unit(CU) or a 5G NR gNB and 5G Core Node(CN) network elements.

  2. A blueprint to ease onboarding, staging, and integrating the Advanced 5G network components and verification steps through bi-directional UDP traffic. This blueprint topology is illustrated below and along with the comprehensive Bill of Materials(BOM), a step-by-step staging and setup recipe, tutorials, troubleshooting tips are provided to configure all the network components for a quick turnaround live network.

  3. Complete access to source code in C/C++ is available from Layer 1 through 5GC to jump start customizations and NG algorithm research.



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