Release Notes

Aerial RAN CoLab Over-the-Air (ARC-OTA) v1.2

The release manifest can be found in the Installation Guide.

The release notes for the ASDK and OAI gNB can be found at and OAI CN detailed feature set and release notes can be found at

  • Support for the Dell R750 platform to host gNB

  • Support for converged cards A100X

  • Kernel cmdline configuration updated.

  • Updates to the core assignment in the Aerial configuration.

  • Updates to PTP and phc2sys core assignment.

  • Changes to phc2sys cmdline.

  • Changes to the L2 Docker run cmd to use all non isolated cores.

  • Changes to the L2 configuration, max DL MCS defaults to 25.

  • Removal of unnecessary ORU firmware installation step because of Foxconn firmware default updates.

  • OAI_Aerial_v2.0 updated to OAI_Aerial_v2.2.1 throughout.

ARC A1.0 included the following OPENAIR-CN-5G network elements:

  • Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF)

  • Authentication Server Management Function (AUSF)

  • Location Management Function (LMF)

  • Network Exposure Function (NEF)

  • Network Repository Function (NRF)

  • Network Slicing Selection Function (NSSF)

  • Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF)

  • Policy Control Function (PCF)

  • Session Management Function (SMF)

  • Unified Data Management (UDM)

  • Unified Data Repository (UDR)

  • User Plane Function (UPF) with 2 variants:

    • Simple Implementation (with a eBPF option) (UPF)

    • VPP-Based Implementation (UPF-VPP)

  • Unstructured Data Storage Function (UDSF)

256 QAM is not supported on ARC. You must disable 256 QAM support by issuing the following command at the gNB command license:



To enable developers, additional API documentaion can be found in this section for reference:

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