NVIDIA AI Enterprise Software

Bare Metal Deployment Guide (0.1.0)

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.0 or later

The NVIDIA driver is the software driver that is installed on the OS and is responsible for communicating with the NVIDIA GPU

NVIDIA AI Enterprise drivers are available by either downloading them from the NVIDIA Enterprise Licensing Portal, the NVIDIA Download Drivers web page, or pulling them from NGC Catalog. Please review the NVIDIA AI Enterprise Quick Start Guide for more details regarding licensing entitlement certificates.

To access the NVIDIA AI Enterprise Host Software (VIB) and NVIDIA vGPU Guest Driver, you must first download and install NGC Catalog CLI. After the NGC Catalog CLI is installed, you will need to launch a command window and running the following commands to download software.

To install NGC Catalog CLI:

  1. Enter the NVIDIA NGC website as a guest user.

  2. In the top right corner, click Welcome Guest and then select Setup from the menu.

  3. Click Downloads under Install NGC CLI from the Setup page.

  4. From the CLI Install page, click the Windows, Linux, or MacOS tab, according to the platform from which you will be running NGC Catalog CLI.

  5. Follow the instructions to install the CLI.

  6. Open Command Prompt from the Run Box.

  7. Verify the installation by entering ngc --version. The output should be NGC Catalog CLI x.y.z where x.y.z indicates the version.

  8. Enter the following command ngc config set. You will be prompted to enter your NGC API Key.

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