OpenShift on VMware vSphere Deployment Guide
OpenShift on VMware vSphere Deployment Guide (0.1.0)

Scaling GPU Worker Nodes

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.0 or later

Scaling of GPU worker nodes can be done via combining the use of the OpenShift Console and VMware vCenter. In this example we will have deployed a cluster via the IPI method and already attached a virtual GPU to our OpenShift worker VMs.


To scale navigate to Compute and MachineSets.

Select the MachineSet for your GPU Accelerated cluster


Select the number of machines under Desired Count


Increase the number of machines for your cluster


Wait until the Desired, Current, Ready, and Available, counts are all equal


Navigate to VMware vCenter and select the newly created worker VM in you inventory.

For each new worker VM perform the follow steps:

Power down the VM and edit the settings


Add a new device and click PCI Device


Attach the appropriate vGPU profile or pass-through GPU


Power on the VM.

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