Create CLS License Config Map

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.0 or later

The NVIDIA License System serves licenses to NVIDIA software products. To activate licensed functionalities, a licensed client leases a software license served over the network from an NVIDIA Cloud License System (CLS). The NVIDIA License System Documentation explains in full detail how to install, configure, and manage license tokens. #. Using the left menu bar, expand the Operators section and select the OperatorHub


You must generate a Client License Token for the CLS Instance prior to proceeding.

  1. Create a new project called nvidia-gpu-operator



  2. Select the Workloads Drop Down menu.

  3. Select ConfigMaps.

  4. Click Create ConfigMap.


  5. Enter the details for your ConfigMap for the CLS Licensing



    You must copy/paste the information for your CLS client token into the client_configuration_token.tok parameter.

  6. Click Create.

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