Import NGC Secret

OpenShift on VMware vSphere Deployment Guide (0.1.0)

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.0 or later

OpenShift has a secret object type which provides a mechanism for holding sensitive information such as passwords and private source repository credentials. Next you will create a secret object for storing our NGC API key (the mechanism used to authenticate your access to the NGC container registry).


Before you begin you will need to generate or use an existing API key.


You must choose the nvidia-gpu-operator project when creating the NGC secret.

  1. Click Secrets from the Workloads drop down.

  2. Click the Create Drop down.

  3. Select Image Pull Secret.


  4. Enter the following into each field

    Secret name: gpu-operator-secret

    Authentication type: Image registry credentials

    Registry server address:

    Username: $oauthtoken

    Password: <API-KEY>

    Email: <YOUR-EMAIL>


  5. Click Create.

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