Preparing for Operation

Base OS - DGX OS 5

DGX OS 5 is preinstalled on new DGX systems. A setup wizard in the First Boot procedure requires you to create a user, set locales and keyboard layout, set passwords, and perform basic network configuration.

For systems that are running DGX OS 4, you can upgrade the OS (Upgrading DGX OS) or install the OS (Installing DGX OS) by reimaging the system. The reimaging process installs the OS but defers the initial setup to the First Boot Process for DGX Servers or First Boot Process for DGX Station.

You also have the option to install Ubuntu and the DGX software manually or for automated installation options. Refer to Installing the DGX Software Stack for more information.

If you only want to upgrade the installed software to the latest version, or for a release upgrade from DGX OS 4, refer Upgrading DGX OS for details.

There might be situations where you need to reimage a system, such as the following:

  • When the OS becomes corrupt.

  • When the OS drive is replaced or both drives in a RAID-1 configuration are replaced.

  • When you want to encrypt the root filesystem.

  • When you want a fresh installation of DGX OS 5.

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