Software Access


If you are a paid customer you should have received instructions on how to access the license portal and how to download the installation package. You can also see all older versions of the installer for the software on the portal too. We support both floating and node-locked licenses for paid customers. Floating licenses let users run on any GPUs as long as the free licenses are available. A floating license requires that you set up a Flexera license server. See the appropriate Flexera installation section in Installing the Software.

Node-locked licenses are tied to specific GPUs and will run only on those GPUs. You can get a node locked license by running the following command on your GPU server:


$ nvidia-smi -L

and sending the output to along with your entitlement certificate. We will send you the license file for those GPU IDs.

Please make sure you have successfully downloaded parabricks.tar.gz from the license portal or from Customer support before proceeding further.

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