Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a CRAM support bug for fq2bam.

  • Fixed a CRAM support bug for human_par.

  • Two sources of deadlock in lofreq are fixed.

  • STAR deadlock bug is fixed.

  • Fix an assertion failure in rna_fq2bam: ReadAlign_outputTranscriptCIGARp.cpp:81:string chimericDetector::outputTranscriptCIGARp_pb(const chimericTrans&, PBWindow*): Assertion P.readFilesIn.size() > 1 failed.

  • Fix a possibility of a deadlock in rna_fq2bam.

  • Remove duplicate @HD lines in the output of rna_fq2bam.

  • Output of collectmultiplemetrics is now correctly tab separated, instead of using spaces.

  • Use of the --gen-insert-size option would cause the code to fail.

  • The --gen-all-metrics option failed to create the sequencing artifact report. It now correctly generates all available reports.

  • Fix a report generation bug for collectmultiplemetrics when --gen-alignment or --gen-insert-size was specified.

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