These instructions are specific to NVIDIA® Virtual GPU™ (vGPU), but they are also relevant and applicable to NVIDIA CloudXR running on vGPU.


Here are the minimimal instructions for installing and configuring vGPU software.

About this Guide

The Virtual GPU Software Quick Start Guide provides minimal instructions for installing and configuring NVIDIA® virtual GPU software on the Citrix Hypervisor or VMware vSphere hypervisor and for installing and configuring a Cloud License Service (CLS) instance or a standalone Delegated License Service (DLS) instance. The instructions for configuring a DLS instance assume that the VM that hosts the DLS instance has been assigned an IP address automatically. If you need complete instructions, are using other platforms, are hosting a DLS instance on a VM that has not been assigned an IP address automatically, or require high availability for a DLS instance, refer to Virtual GPU Software User Guide and NVIDIA License System User Guide. If you want to use the legacy NVIDIA vGPU software license server, refer to Virtual GPU License Server Release Notes and Virtual GPU License Server User Guide.