7.3. cudaArraySparseProperties Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA Runtime]

Sparse CUDA array and CUDA mipmapped array properties

Public Variables

unsigned int  depth
unsigned int  flags
unsigned int  height
unsigned int  miptailFirstLevel
unsigned long long  miptailSize
unsigned int  width


unsigned int cudaArraySparseProperties::depth [inherited]

Tile depth in elements

unsigned int cudaArraySparseProperties::flags [inherited]

Flags will either be zero or cudaArraySparsePropertiesSingleMipTail

unsigned int cudaArraySparseProperties::height [inherited]

Tile height in elements

unsigned int cudaArraySparseProperties::miptailFirstLevel [inherited]

First mip level at which the mip tail begins

unsigned long long cudaArraySparseProperties::miptailSize [inherited]

Total size of the mip tail.

unsigned int cudaArraySparseProperties::width [inherited]

Tile width in elements