7.11. cudaExternalMemoryMipmappedArrayDesc Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA Runtime]

External memory mipmap descriptor

Public Variables

struct cudaExtent extent
unsigned int  flags
struct cudaChannelFormatDesc formatDesc
unsigned int  numLevels
unsigned long long  offset


struct cudaExtentcudaExternalMemoryMipmappedArrayDesc::extent [inherited]

Dimensions of base level of the mipmap chain

unsigned int cudaExternalMemoryMipmappedArrayDesc::flags [inherited]

Flags associated with CUDA mipmapped arrays. See cudaMallocMipmappedArray

struct cudaChannelFormatDesccudaExternalMemoryMipmappedArrayDesc::formatDesc [inherited]

Format of base level of the mipmap chain

unsigned int cudaExternalMemoryMipmappedArrayDesc::numLevels [inherited]

Total number of levels in the mipmap chain

unsigned long long cudaExternalMemoryMipmappedArrayDesc::offset [inherited]

Offset into the memory object where the base level of the mipmap chain is.