7.16. cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA Runtime]

External semaphore wait parameters, compatible with driver type

Public Variables

void * fence
cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::@15::@16  fence
unsigned int  flags
unsigned long long  key
cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::@15::@18  keyedMutex
unsigned int  timeoutMs
unsigned long long  value


void * cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::fence [inherited]

Pointer to NvSciSyncFence. Valid if cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleType is of type cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleTypeNvSciSync.

cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::@15::@16 cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::fence [inherited]

Parameters for fence objects

unsigned int cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::flags [inherited]

Only when cudaExternalSemaphoreSignalParams is used to signal a cudaExternalSemaphore_t of type cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleTypeNvSciSync, the valid flag is cudaExternalSemaphoreSignalSkipNvSciBufMemSync: which indicates that while waiting for the cudaExternalSemaphore_t, no memory synchronization operations should be performed for any external memory object imported as cudaExternalMemoryHandleTypeNvSciBuf. For all other types of cudaExternalSemaphore_t, flags must be zero.

unsigned long long cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::key [inherited]

Value of key to acquire the mutex with

cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::@15::@18 cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::keyedMutex [inherited]

Parameters for keyed mutex objects

unsigned int cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::timeoutMs [inherited]

Timeout in milliseconds to wait to acquire the mutex

unsigned long long cudaExternalSemaphoreWaitParams::value [inherited]

Value of fence to be waited on