7.12. cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleDesc Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA Runtime]

External semaphore handle descriptor

Public Variables

int  fd
unsigned int  flags
void * handle
const void * name
const void * nvSciSyncObj
enumcudaExternalSemaphoreHandleType type
cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleDesc::@9::@10  win32


int cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleDesc::fd [inherited]

File descriptor referencing the semaphore object. Valid when type is one of the following:

unsigned int cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleDesc::flags [inherited]

Flags reserved for the future. Must be zero.

void * cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleDesc::handle [inherited]

Valid NT handle. Must be NULL if 'name' is non-NULL

const void * cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleDesc::name [inherited]

Name of a valid synchronization primitive. Must be NULL if 'handle' is non-NULL.

const void * cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleDesc::nvSciSyncObj [inherited]

Valid NvSciSyncObj. Must be non NULL

enumcudaExternalSemaphoreHandleTypecudaExternalSemaphoreHandleDesc::type [inherited]

Type of the handle

cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleDesc::@9::@10 cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleDesc::win32 [inherited]