DGX-2 System FW Update Container Overview

The NVIDIA ® DGX-2 System Firmware Update container is the preferred method for updating firmware on DGX-2 and DGX-2H Systems. It provides an easy method for updating the firmware to the latest released versions, and uses the standard method for running Docker containers.

This document describes firmware components that can be updated, any known issues, and how to run this container.


  • Automates firmware (FW) update for DGX-2/2H System firmware, such as the system BIOS, BMC, and power supplies.
  • Provides flexibility to update individual or all FW components
  • Embeds the following
    • Qualified FW binaries for supported components

    • Flash update utilities and supporting dependencies

    • Manifest file which lists

      • Target platform and firmware version numbers

      • Sequence in which FW update should be applied

      • “On-Error” policy for every FW component

  • Supports interactive and non-interactive firmware update

How to Use

The NVIDIA DGX-2 System software includes Docker software required to run the container.

See the NVIDIA DGX-2 System User Guide for instructions on updating the system firmware using this container.

Stop all unnecessary system activities before attempting to update firmware, and do not add additional processing loads while an update is in progress. A high workload can disrupt the firmware update process and result in an incapacitated component.

When initiating an update, the update software assists in determining the activity state of the DGX system and provides a warning if it detects that activity levels are above a predetermined threshold. If the warning is encountered, you are strongly advised to take action to reduce the workload before proceeding with the update.

Fan speeds may increase while updating the BMC firmware. This is a normal part of the BMC firmware update process.