DGX-2 System Firmware Update Container Version 19.03.1

The DGX Firmware Update container version 19.03.1 is available.

  • Package name:nvfw-dgx2_19.03.1.tar.gz
  • Image name: nvfw-dgx2:19.03.1
  • Run file name: nvfw-dgx2_19.03.1.run

Obtain the files from the NVIDIA Enterprise Support announcement DGX-2 System Firmware Update Container Version 19.03.1 (requires login).

Contents of the DGX-2 System Firmware Container

This container includes the firmware binaries and update utilities for the firmware listed in the following table.

Component Version Key Changes
BMC 01.04.03
Note: If updating from versions earlier than 1.00.01, you must download and use the conf.bak file as explained in Special Instructions to complete the update.

Added support for DGX-2H.

Added support for MaxQ/MaxP power settings.

Added option to not preserve the sensor data record when updating to a later version. This fixes an erroneous battery sensor error after previous updates.

See BMC Release Notes for the list of changes.

SBIOS 0.22

See SBIOS Release Notes for the list of changes.

M.2 NVMe (Samsung PM963) CXV8601Q No change
M.2 NVMe (Samsung PM983) EDA7202Q New (supports second-source component)
U.2 SSD (Micron) 101008R0 No change
U.2 SSD (Samsung) EDA5202Q New (supports second-source component)
VBIOS (DGX-2) 88.00.6B.00.01 No change
VBIOS (DGX-2H) 88.00.6B.00.08 New (supports DGX-2H VBIOS)
PSU 2.7
Note: If also updating the BMC from a version earlier than 1.00.01, then before updating the PSU firmware, be sure to first follow the steps provided under Special Instructions.
See PSU Release Notes for the list of changes.
FPGA 3.1 New (added FPGA to container) Note: There are two FPGA images - Image-1:Rescue and Image-2:Primary. The Firmware Update Container updates the Primary FPGA image only.

Changes in this Release

  • See DGX-2 FW Release Notes for the list of changes in individual components.
  • Added integration with NVSM (requires DGX OS Server 4.0.5 or later).

    This allows firmware to be updated using a .run file that simplifies the steps needed. See the DGX-2 User Guide for instructions on obtaining and using the .run file.

Updating Components with Secondary Images

Some firmware components provide a secondary image as backup. The following is the policy when updating those components:
  • SBIOS: Only the primary image is updated.
  • BMC: Both primary and secondary (backup) images are updated.
  • FPGA: Only the primary image is updated.

Special Instructions for PSU and BMC Firmware Updates

In order to update the PSU firmware, the BMC firmware must be updated first and then a configuration file added to the BMC. The configuration file is needed to support PSU firmware updates, otherwise the PSU update will fail.
These instructions are not needed before updating other firmware, such as the SBIOS, SSDs, or VBIOS.
  1. In addition to downloading the nvfw-dgx2_19.03.1.tar.gz container, download the conf.bak file from the NVIDIA Enterprise Support announcement DGX-2 System Firmware Update Container Version 19.03.1 (requires login).
  2. Refer to the DGX-2 User Guide "Updating Firmware" chapter for complete instructions on using the container.

    Perform the following steps before updating PSU firmware.

  3. Using the firmware update container, update the BMC only.
    $ sudo docker run --rm --privileged -ti -v /:/hostfs nvfw-dgx2:19.03.1 update_fw BMC
  4. As the administrator, log in to the BMC dashboard, then navigate to Maintenance->Restore Configuration.

  5. Locate and select the conf.bak file downloaded in step 1 and then click Save.
  6. Now you can update other firmware. For example, to update all the downlevel firmware, issue the following.
    $ sudo docker run --rm --privileged -ti -v /:/hostfs nvfw-dgx2:19.03.1 update_fw all

Known Issues

Battery Thresholds are not Reset After BMC Upgrade


As of v1.04.03, the BMC includes updated, correct, battery thresholds. However, the new thresholds are not reset upon upgrading the BMC, resulting in a sensor monitoring alert appearing in the BMC dashboard for the 3V battery, errors in the BMC system event log, or the front panel power LED flashing.


Resetting the BMC settings will update the battery voltage threshold. To reset the BMC, log in to the BMC dashboard, select Maintenance from the side menu and then select Restore Factory Defaults.

VBIOS Not Updated During Combination Update


The VBIOS does not get updated when updating the VBIOS in conjunction with another component, for example by using the following options:

update_fw -f all


update_fw VBIOS [other]


Update the VBIOS by itself.

$ sudo nvidia-docker run --privileged -ti -v /:/hostfs <container-name> update_fw VBIOS

PSU May not Get Powered On


When connecting AC input power to an individual PSU, the PSU may not get powered on. This is indicated by the green LEDs on the PSU not lighting.

Action to Take

Unplug the power supply, wait for more than 60 seconds, then reconnect AC power. If there is still a failure, proceed with RMA.

VBIOS Not Updated on DGX KVM Host


On a DGX-2 System that has been converted to a DGX KVM host, the VBIOS will not get updated if the GPU is being used by a guest GPU VM.


All guest GPU VMs must be stopped before running the container to update the VBIOS. To stop the VMs, run the following from the KVM host for each guest GPU VM.

virsh shutdown <vm-domain>

Backup SBIOS Version at 0.0


The BMC dashboard incorrectly reports the backup SBIOS version to be 0.0.


Due to a limitation in the BMC software, the software does not know the version of the backup SBIOS since it has not been run.