PxConvexMeshGeometry Class Reference

Convex mesh geometry class. More...

#include <PxConvexMeshGeometry.h>

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PxGeometryPxFlags\< PxConvexMeshGeometryFlag::Enum, PxU8 \>PxMeshScalePxVec3PxQuatPxPadding\< 3 \>PxConvexMeshPxBasePxFlags\< PxBaseFlag::Enum, PxU16 \>

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Public Member Functions

PX_INLINE PxConvexMeshGeometry ()
 Default constructor.
PX_INLINE PxConvexMeshGeometry (PxConvexMesh *mesh, const PxMeshScale &scaling=PxMeshScale(), PxConvexMeshGeometryFlags flags=PxConvexMeshGeometryFlags())
PX_INLINE bool isValid () const
 Returns true if the geometry is valid.

Public Attributes

PxMeshScale scale
 The scaling transformation (from vertex space to shape space).
 A reference to the convex mesh object.
PxConvexMeshGeometryFlags meshFlags
 Mesh flags.
PxPadding< 3 > paddingFromFlags
 padding for mesh flags

Detailed Description

Convex mesh geometry class.

This class unifies a convex mesh object with a scaling transform, and lets the combined object be used anywhere a PxGeometry is needed.

The scaling is a transform along arbitrary axes contained in the scale object. The vertices of the mesh in geometry (or shape) space is the PxMeshScale::toMat33() transform, multiplied by the vertex space vertices in the PxConvexMesh object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PX_INLINE PxConvexMeshGeometry::PxConvexMeshGeometry (  )  [inline]

Default constructor.

Creates an empty object with a NULL mesh and identity scale.

PX_INLINE PxConvexMeshGeometry::PxConvexMeshGeometry ( PxConvexMesh mesh,
const PxMeshScale scaling = PxMeshScale(),
PxConvexMeshGeometryFlags  flags = PxConvexMeshGeometryFlags() 
) [inline]


[in] mesh Mesh pointer. May be NULL, though this will not make the object valid for shape construction.
[in] scaling Scale factor.
[in] flags Mesh flags. \

Member Data Documentation

A reference to the convex mesh object.

Referenced by isValid(), and PxMassProperties::PxMassProperties().

Mesh flags.

padding for mesh flags

The scaling transformation (from vertex space to shape space).

Referenced by isValid(), and PxMassProperties::PxMassProperties().

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