Sensor Calibration

The Nova Extrinsics Sensor Calibration Tool is a containerized application that provides extrinsic calibration between sensors on a Nova Carter robot. On initial setup of Nova Carter or when recalibration is required, this application is used to generate a calibration file with the relative position of different sensors on the robot.

The calibration file is used for robotics functions that combine information from multiple sensor modalities. This calibration process achieves highly consistent results by using a single calibration target and a mobile device connected to the robot over a web browser, which guides a user through the procedure of placing the calibration target in different positions around the robot.

This tool is self-contained and performs both data collection and calibration optimization on the robot. It does not require external services or internet connection after the container is deployed to the robot. The resulting calibration file is deployed to /etc/nova/calibration/ both in JSON (isaac_calibration.json) and URDF (isaac_calibration.urdf) formats.

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