Nova Metadata

This publisher reads a Nova metadata JSON file generated by Nova Carter Init and re-publishes it as a NovaMetadata GXF message.


  • Metadata File: A JSON file containing Nova metadata

  • Schema File: A Flatbuffer schema file that describes the Nova metadata JSON layout.

  • Frequency (Optional): The frequency (in Hz) for publishing metadata. If this value is 0.0, the codelet defaults to publishing once.

  • Boolean Scheduling Term: A BooleanSchedulingTerm at which to stop the codelet from ticking after all messages are published.


  • Metadata Output: The processed Nova metadata JSON. This is a NovaMetadata message.

This visualizer receives a NovaMetadata GXF message and outputs JSON, which is then visualized with a JSON Widget in Sight. Visuals like the text size can be configured using the JsonVisualizer. Refer to the example below for the fields that can be changed.


  • RX Metadata: The incoming Nova metadata message channel


  • TX Json: The outgoing JSON message channel


--- name: nova_metadata_publisher components: - type: nvidia::gxf::Subgraph parameters: location: extensions/nova/graphs/nova_metadata_publisher.subgraph.yaml - name: metadata_publisher parameters: frequency: 1 --- name: nova_metadata_visualizer components: - type: nvidia::gxf::Subgraph parameters: location: extensions/nova/graphs/nova_metadata_visualizer.subgraph.yaml - name: json_visualizer parameters: text_size: 14 --- components: - type: nvidia::gxf::Connection parameters: source: nova_metadata_publisher/metadata_output target: nova_metadata_visualizer/rx_metadata

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