Welcome to the trial of Morpheus on NVIDIA LaunchPad. Morpheus provides a framework to perform real-time inference across massive amounts of cybersecurity data. Morpheus integrates tools to make it easier for you to build cybersecurity solutions. Built on the RAPIDS™ libraries, deep learning frameworks, and NVIDIA Triton™ Inference Server, Morpheus simplifies the analysis of logs and telemetry to help detect and mitigate security threats.


Morpheus is a developer framework that will allow you to high-performance cybersecurity workflows extremely quickly. Morpheus handles the orchestration, distribution, and monitoring of the model pipeline. Developers can swap in many different data sources and models, as their need changes, without interruption of the pipeline: for example, switching from input files to streaming input. They can also take advantage of GPU-accelerated libraries like NVIDIA RAPIDS and TensorRT.

This Morpheus LaunchPad sandbox allows you to get familiar with the capabilities very quickly through experimentation. In this environment, you will find everything you need to get started developing with Morpheus.

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