Welcome to the trial of NVIDIA AI Enterprise on NVIDIA LaunchPad.

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise suite includes the applications, frameworks, and tools that AI researchers, data scientists, and developers use for creating their AI and Machine Learning applications.


NVIDIA AI Enterprise allows AI Practitioners to run Deep Learning workflows in virtual machines with the same performance as a local workstation. AI Practitioners can quickly access Jupyter Notebooks which leverage NVIDIA GPUs since IT Administrators have all the tools to create VMs with required NVIDIA AI Enterprise components to perform AI Training and deploy inferencing using Triton. This allows AI Practitioners to have instant access to valuable GPU resources which are within Enterprise data centers.

In this AI Practitioner’s LaunchPad journey, you will run through an end-to-end data science workflow which uses NVIDIA RAPIDS, PyTorch Huggingface for training a sentiment analysis model, and NVIDIA’s Triton Inference Server to deploy the model for inference to production. Amazon’s review data will be used to train the sentiment analysis model; this dataset includes customer reviews (ratings, text, helpfulness votes) for products on Amazon.


This lab should take roughly 2-3 hours to complete. This includes the time to train model.

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