struct NvDsInferTensorMeta

Holds the raw tensor output information for one frame / one object.

The “nvinfer” plugins adds this meta when the “output-tensor-meta” property of the element instance is set to TRUE.

This meta data is added as NvDsUserMeta to the frame_user_meta_list of the corresponding frame_meta or object_user_meta_list of the corresponding object with the meta_type set to NVDSINFER_TENSOR_OUTPUT_META.

Public Members

guint unique_id

Unique ID of the gst-nvinfer instance which attached this meta.

guint num_output_layers

Number of bound output layers.

NvDsInferLayerInfo *output_layers_info

Pointer to the array containing information for the bound output layers.

Size of the array will be equal to num_output_layers. Pointers inside the NvDsInferLayerInfo structure are not valid for this array.

void **out_buf_ptrs_host

Array of pointers to the output host buffers for the frame / object.

void **out_buf_ptrs_dev

Array of pointers to the output device buffers for the frame / object.

gint gpu_id

GPU device ID on which the device buffers have been allocated.

void *priv_data

Private data used for the meta producer’s internal memory management.

NvDsInferNetworkInfo network_info

Network information for the model specified for the nvinfer element instance.