struct _NvMOTFrame

Holds a frame containing the image and objects to be tracked.


numBuffers is supposed to be less than or equal to numTransforms in NvMOTConfig.


The metadata in the NvBufSurfaceParams structures which bufferList points to must be checked with the parameters specified in perTransformBatchConfig in NvMOTConfig.

Public Members

NvMOTStreamId streamID

Holds the stream ID of the stream source for this frame.

uint32_t frameNum

Holds the sequential frame number that identifies the frame within the stream.

time_t timeStamp

Holds the timestamp of the frame at the time of capture.

bool timeStampValid

Holds a Boolean which is true if the timestamp value is properly populated.

bool doTracking

Holds a Boolean which is true if objects in this frame are to be tracked.

bool reset

Holds a Boolean which is true to reset tracking for the stream.

uint8_t numBuffers

Holds the number of entries in bufferList.

NvBufSurfaceParams **bufferList

Holds a pointer to an array of pointers to buffer parameter structures.

NvMOTObjToTrackList objectsIn

Holds a list of objects in this frame which are to be tracked.

Boundary boxes are scaled for the first buffer configuration.