struct NvDsSRContext

Holds information about smart record instance.

Public Members

GstElement *recordbin

parent bin element.

GstElement *recordQue

queue element to cache the content.

GstElement *encodebin

child bin to save the content to file.

GstElement *filesink

filesink element

gboolean gotKeyFrame

flag to check the key frame.

gboolean recordOn

flag to check if recording is on

gboolean resetDone

flag to check if encodebin is reset

gboolean isPlaying

flag to check if encodebin is in playing state.

NvDsSRInitParams initParams

initialization parameters

GMutex flowLock

mutex to control the flow

GThread *resetThread

thread to reset the encodebin

gpointer uData

pointer to user provided data

gpointer privData

pointer to private data