struct _NvMOTConfig

Holds a tracker configuration.

Holds configuration options for the tracker, applied to the whole context.


This structure must be deep-copied to be passed to a component that is to use it persistently.

Public Members

NvMOTCompute computeConfig

Holds the compute target.



uint32_t maxStreams

Holds the maximum number of streams in a batch.

uint8_t numTransforms

Holds the number of NvMOTPerTransformBatchConfig entries in perTransformBatchConfig.

NvMOTPerTransformBatchConfig *perTransformBatchConfig

Holds a pointer to a list of numTransform batch configurations, one per transform, including type and resolution.

NvMOTMiscConfig miscConfig

Holds miscellaneous configurations.

uint16_t customConfigFilePathSize

Holds the length of customConfigFilePath.

char *customConfigFilePath

A pointer to the pathname of the tracker’s custom configuration file.

A null-terminated string.