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For an archive of changes and features from previous releases, please refer to "Change Log History".

Changes and New Features in v23.04-3

  • Added support for BMCs of BlueField-3 DPUs
  • Add support for Serial Console Redirection
  • Added Redfish service with the underlying schemas:
    • Redfish chassis schema to represent the DPU chassis elements including:
      • /redfish/v1/Chassis/Card1
      • /redfish/v1/Chassis/Bluefield_BMC
      • /redfish/v1/Chassis/Bluefield_ERoT
    • Redfish sensor schema:
      • /redfish/v1/Chassis/Card1/Sensors/
    • NetworkAdapter schema representing a physical network adapter capable of connecting to a computer network:
      • /redfish/v1/Chassis/Card1/NetworkAdapters
    • NetworkDeviceFunction schema representing a logical interface that a network adapter exposes:
      • /redfish/v1/Chassis/Card1/NetworkAdapters/{NetworkAdapter}/NetworkDeviceFunctions/
    • Port schema containing properties that describe a port of a switch, controller, chassis, or any other device that could be connected to another entity:
      • /redfish/v1/Chassis/Card1/NetworkAdapters/{NetworkAdapter}/Ports
    • Management subsystem schema:
      • /redfish/v1/Managers/Bluefield_BMC
    • Updated service and the properties that affect the service itself for Redfish implementation:
      • /redfish/v1/UpdateService
    • Redfish FirmwareInventory schema:
      • /redfish/v1/UpdateService/FirmwareInventory
    • Redfish log service:
      • /redfish/v1/Managers/Bluefield_BMC/LogServices
    • Redfish user account for the system manager:
      • /redfish/v1/AccountService
      • /redfish/v1/AccountService/Roles
      • /redfish/v1/SessionService/Sessions
    • Redfish session service properties:
      • /redfish/v1/SessionService
    • Redfish task service:
      • /redfish/v1/TaskService