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If the external BlueField serial connection is not available to the switch (i.e. not connected), BMC software enables access to the BlueField through an internal serial connection redirected over an IP address.

To connect to serial-over-LAN use the following IPMI command from an external server:

ipmitool -C 17 -I lanplus -H <IP address of BMC > -U ADMIN -P ADMIN sol activate

For example:

ipmitool -C 17 -I lanplus -H -U ADMIN -P ADMIN sol activate
[SOL Session operational. Use ~? for help]

Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro)

2.3.1 bluefield /dev/ttyAMA0

bluefield login:

The IPMI SOL commands are listed in the following table:

1Get SOL info
ipmitool sol info
ipmitool sol info 1
Get SOL configuration data
2Enable SOL access
ipmitool sol set set-in-progress set-complete 1
ipmitool sol set enabled true 1
Enable the properties to be set via set-in-progress then enable SOL access
3Activate SOL
ipmitool -C 17 -I lanplus -U <username> -P <password> -H <ip_address> sol activate


  • -U – BMC username
  • -H – BMC IP address
  • -P – BMC password
Activate SOL access to the BlueField-2 console
4Deactivate SOL
ipmitool -C 17 -I lanplus -U <username> -P <password> -H <ip_address> sol deactivate
Deactivate SOL access to the BlueField-2 console

SOL feature can be used even if BlueField is configured to use UART1/ttyAMA1.

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