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The IPMItool program allows you to remotely manage the IPMI functions of the BlueField BMC. The commands below may be directed to the BMC’s Ethernet interface by invoking:

ipmitool -C 17 -I lanplus -H <bmc_ip_addr> -U ADMIN -P ADMIN <ipmitool_arguments>

The following list provides a full list of the IPMItool arguments supported by BlueField BMC.

chassis power reset
chassis status (to be implemented in future release)
fru print 0
fru print 1
fru read 0 /tmp/fru
fru read 1 /tmp/fru
lan print
mc info
mc reset cold
sdr elist
sdr get <sensor name>
sdr list
sdr type <type>
sel clear
sel elist
sel listsensor get <sensor name>
sensor list
sol activate
user disable <user id>
user enable <user id>
user list [<channel number>]
user priv <user id> <privilege level(1-4)> [<channel number>]
user set name <user id> <user name>
user set password <user id> <password>
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