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It is recommended to upgrade your BlueField product to the latest software and firmware versions available to benefit from new features and latest bug fixes.

PXE Server Preparations

  1. Provide the image from BFB file. Run:

    # mlx-mkbfb -x <BFB>

    For example: 

    # mlx-mkbfb -x DOCA_v1.1_BlueField_OS_Ubuntu_20.04-5.4.0-1017.17.gf565efa-bluefield-5.4-

    For more information regarding the mlx-mkbfb script, please refer to the mlx-mkbfb GitHub page.

  2. Copy the 2 dumped files, dump-image-v0 and dump-initramfs-v0 into the PXE server tftp path.
  3. In the PXE server create a boot entry. For example: 

    set default=0
    set timeout=5
    menuentry 'Bluefield_Ubuntu_20_04_From_BFB' --class red --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os {
       linux (tftp)/ubuntu2/dump-image-v0 ro ip=dhcp console=hvc0 console=ttyAMA0
       initrd (tftp)/ubuntu2/dump-initramfs-v0
  4. Define DHCP. 

    allow booting;
    allow bootp;
    subnet netmask {
      option broadcast-address;
      option routers;
      option domain-name-servers <ip-address-list>
      option domain-search <domain-name-list>;
      filename "/BOOTAA64.EFI";
    # Specify the IP address for this client.
    host tmfifo_pxe_client {
      hardware ethernet 00:1a:ca:ff:ff:01;
    subnet netmask {
      filename "/BOOTAA64.EFI";

PXE Sequence

  1. Connect to the BlueField console via UART or RShim console.
  2. Reboot Arm.
  3. Interrupt the boot process into UEFI menu.
  4. Access the Boot Manager menu.
  5. Select the relevant port to PXE from.