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DateRevisionDescription of Changes
Sep. 20202.5Updated the Installation chapter, moved the Verifying Crate Condition to the Unpacking and Physical Installation chapter.
Jan. 20202.4

Added warnings to:

  1. Interfaces under "I2C/Console (RS232)"
  2. MNG Console Interfaces
Feb. 20192.3Updated: Power Redundancy section; Power Consumption of Chassis Parts Table
Dec. 20182.2

Migrated to Web format; minor reorganization and edits.

Oct. 20172.1Added: "Air Cleanliness" note to the "Installation" chapter.
Aug. 20172.0Updated note to "Leaf Modules" and "Spine Modules" sections.
Mar. 20171.9Added: Appendix "MNG Console Interfaces", and note to Appendix “I2C/Console (RS232)”.
Feb. 20171.8Updated: Korean warning notes.
Nov. 20161.7Updated: "Extracting Spine Module #1 or #2".
Aug. 20161.6Updated: "Power Supply Unit LEDs" and replacement kit part number “MTDF-KIT-B”.
June 20161.5Added "Fan Redundancy" section.
May 20161.4

Added: "Required Installation Tools" section.
Updated: Table "Chassis Installation Kit Items"; "Installation Procedure" section; "Reset – RST" section.

May 20161.3Updated: Document title; "About this Manual" section; "Overview" section; and Appendix "Replacement Parts Ordering Numbers" with Switch-IB 2 replacement leaf and spine.
Mar. 20161.2Updated: Note in "System Status After Power Up" section; “Power Supply Unit” section; "Regulatory Compliance" in Table “Switch Specification CS7520”.
Nov. 20151.1

Added: “Spine Module Insertion” figure.
Updated: The order of subsections in “Installation”; Figure “Shock Stickers”; “Installation Procedure”; Figure “Cage Nut Placement for Cable Holders on Leaf Side”; Figure “Mechanical Lift”; “Extracting and Inserting the PSU”; "Leaf Fan Module”; “Power Connections”; “I2C/Console (RS232)”; “System Status After Power Up”.

Sept. 20151.0First release