Finding the GUID/MAC and Serial Number on the Card

NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU Controller User Manual

Each BlueField-3 platform is uniquely identified to facilitate efficient management and configuration. This section aims to guide you through identifying your BlueField-3 platform by using the information provided on the board label.

The board label includes unique identifiers essential for network communication—specifically, a primary GUID address for InfiniBand protocols or MAC addresses for Ethernet protocols. If your BlueField-3 board supports both InfiniBand and Ethernet protocols, the label will feature a primary GUID along with five ‘base’ MAC addresses derived from the GUID address: Host, ECPF, MPF, DPU BMC, and OOB.

Refer to the board label example and a table listing the different MAC addresses, offering examples and additional information to enhance clarity.


Note: The product revisions (“Rev”) indicated on the label do not necessarily represent the latest revisions of the cards.


Item on Label


Example/Additional Information

GUID (Global Unique Identifier)

GUIDs is a unique 16 byte identifier of the BlueField in an InfiniBand network, the GUID never changes.

The GUID on the label is assigned to the System GUID of the BlueField HCA.

The System GUID represents the HCA hardware with all its ports. Each HCA port is assigned a dedicated Node GUID.

The Node GUID of port 0 is equal to the System GUID.

The Node GUID of port 1 is equal to the System GUID+1


Represents the base MAC address for high-speed data port 0

DPUs with more than one high-speed port will use incremental (+1) MAC addresses against the base HOST MAC on the label.

For instance:

From the label - HOST: 94 6D AE F5 A1 CC

Port 0: 94 6D AE F5 A1 CC (same as label)

Port 1: 94 6D AE F5 A1 CD (+1 from base)

Port 2: 94 6D AE F5 A1 CE (+2 from base)

Port 3: 94 6D AE F5 A1 CF (+3 from base)

OOB (Out-of-Band)

OOB represents the MAC address of the 1GbE out-of-band management port of the DPU's embedded Arm system.

Network traffic for the "OOB" (DPU embedded Arm system) and "DPU BMC" traverse through the 1GbE RJ-45 connector located on the front panel of the DPU card.

DPU BMC (Baseboard Management Controller)

Represents the MAC address for the 1GbE OOB management port of the DPU BMC.

Note: The base MAC address for DPU BMC is +1 from the OOB MAC address.

S/N (Serial Number)

A unique serial number that distinguishes your DPU from others. The S/N is used for tracking and support purposes.


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