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This document describes the configuration parameters of NVIDIA® BlueField®-3 SNAP and virtio-blk SNAP in detail.


This manual is intended for SNAP users looking to install and configure it.

Technical Support

Customers who purchased NVIDIA products directly from NVIDIA are invited to contact us through the following methods:

Customers who purchased NVIDIA M-1 Global Support Services, please see your contract for details regarding technical support.

Customers who purchased NVIDIA products through an NVIDIA-approved reseller should first seek assistance through their reseller.


CLICommand line interface
BDEVBlock device
BFBBlueField bootstream
DMADirect memory access
DPAData path accelerator
LBALogical block addressing
NSIDNamespace ID
NVMeNon-volatile memory express
OSOperating system
PFPhysical function
RPCRemote procedure call
SFScalable function
SNAPSoftware-defined network accelerated processing
VFVirtual function

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