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To build SPDK-19.04 for SNAP integration:

  1. Cherry-pick a critical fix for SPDK shared libraries installation (originally applied on upstream only since v19.07). 

    [spdk.git] git cherry-pick cb0c0509
  2. Configure SPDK:

    [spdk.git] git submodule update --init
    [spdk.git] ./configure --prefix=/opt/mellanox/spdk --disable-tests --without-crypto --without-fio --with-vhost --without-pmdk --without-rbd --with-rdma --with-shared --with-iscsi-initiator --without-vtune
    [spdk.git] sed -i -e 's/CONFIG_RTE_BUILD_SHARED_LIB=n/CONFIG_RTE_BUILD_SHARED_LIB=y/g' dpdk/build/.config

    The flags --prefix, --with-rdma, and --with-shared are mandatory.

  3. Make SPDK (and DPDK libraries):

    [spdk.git] make && make install
    [spdk.git] cp dpdk/build/lib/* /opt/mellanox/spdk/lib/
    [spdk.git] cp dpdk/build/include/* /opt/mellanox/spdk/include/
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