Changes and New Features


For an archive of changes and features from previous releases, please refer to Release Notes Change Log History.


Currently, NVIDIA® BlueField®-2 DPU supports configuring network ports as either Ethernet only or InfiniBand only.

  • PXE boot option is enabled automatically and is available for the ConnectX and OOB network interfaces

  • Added Vendor Class option "BF2Client" in DHCP request for PXE boot to identify card

  • Updated the "force PXE" functionality to continue to retry PXE boot entries until successful. A configuration called "boot override retry" has been added. With this configured, UEFI does not rebuild the boot entries after all boot options are attempted but loops through the PXE boot options until booting is successful. Once successful, the boot override entry configuration is disabled and would need to be reenabled for future boots.

  • Added ability to change the CPU clock dynamically according to the temperature and other sensors of the DPU. If the power consumption reaches close to the maximum allowed, the software module decreases the CPU clock rate to ensure that the power consumption does not cross the system limit.


    This feature is relevant only for OPNs MBF2H516C-CESOT, MBF2M516C-EECOT, MBF2H516C-EESOT, and MBF2H516C-CECOT.

  • Bug fixes

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