RDMA Stack Support on Host and Arm System


Full RDMA stack is pre-installed on the Arm Linux system. RDMA, whether RoCE or InfiniBand, is supported on BlueField® DPU in the configurations listed below.

RoCE is supported from both the host and Arm system.

InfiniBand is supported on the host system.

RDMA Support on Host

To use RoCE on a host system's PCI PF, OVS hardware offloads must be enabled on the Arm system.

RoCE is not supported by connection tracking offload. Please refer to "Configuring Connection Tracking Offload" for a workaround for it.

InfiniBand is not supported on the host side in this mode.

RDMA Support on Arm

RoCE is unsupported on the Arm system on the PCI PF. However, RoCE is fully supported using scalable function as explained under "Scalable Functions". Scalable functions are created by default, allowing RoCE traffic without further configuration.

InfiniBand is supported on the Arm system on the PCI PF in this mode.

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