Chassis Power Up

CS7520 216-Port EDR InfiniBand Switch-IB™ Series Switch Platform Hardware User Manual

Before starting any procedure on the director switch system put an ESD prevention wrist strap on your wrist and connect to the chassis.

With N+N PSU redundancy the chassis must be started with a full complement of possible PSUs, thereafter it can run on half of the total number of PSUs. Connecting the PSUs to different AC lines provides AC failover protection.
The system should continue to run and allow a hot swap of a defective PSU. Should there not be enough power to keep all of the leafs running, MLNX-OS® may power down some leafs. If this happens it will be necessary to reboot the chassis once the defective PSU has been replaced.

  1. Check all FRUs for proper insertion and seating before connecting the AC power cords.

    1. Power supplies

    2. Leaf fan modules

    3. Spine modules

    4. Spine fan modules

  2. Insert all leafs that you plan to use in the chassis.

  3. Insert thermal blanks in unused leaf and management slots to maintain balanced air flow.

  4. Connect the power cords to the PSUs.

  5. Connect the power cords to grounded electrical outlets.


A fully loaded CS7520 series switch system can draw 4.92kW of power. Make sure that the outlets and circuits will not be overloaded. Spread out the load over at least two or three circuits, or a 3 phase supply.


It can take around 5 minutes for the system to boot up. Turn off the system if any LEDs remain amber for more than 7 minutes.

As system boot been completed you should observe the following:

  1. PSU AC OK and DC OK indicators are green.

  2. That the Status LED on each spine, leaf, and management module are green which indicates that the power supplies are good.

  3. Spine module indicators display the status of internal links to the installed leaf modules. All PHY links to existing leafs should be ON.

  4. Check the spine LEDs and make sure they coincide with the figure below:
    Spine Side Panel Display Status Indications


  5. Check the Management Module LEDs and make sure they coincide with the appropriate figure below:
    Management Module Status Indications for Normal Operation (Master)


    Management Module Status Indications for Normal Operation (Slave)


  6. Connect the system to the power main.

  7. Make sure all that PSUs get powered on.

The chassis cannot be shut down from remote. To shut it down, the power plugs need to be physically pulled from the power grid.

To reboot any of the modules accessible through CLI, the command “reload” must be run on them in configuration mode “config” as shown in the following:


switch (config)# reload

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