Ground Connections

CS7520 216-Port EDR InfiniBand Switch-IB™ Series Switch Platform Hardware User Manual

Make sure to connect the ground post to a valid electrical ground. Use a grounding lug and a ground wire of sufficient capacity to safely convey a potential discharge. The grounding post is M-8 with 1.25mm pitch threads. A ground wire of AWG 6 or 4mm diameter is recommended for grounding this device. The chassis is concurrently grounded through each of the PSUs. Only connect the PSU cords to properly grounded outlets. Do not rely on the PSU grounds. It is absolutely necessary to connect the grounding post. Make sure the connections are solid and permanent. If you choose to not use the ground screw, make sure that the rack is properly grounded and that there is a valid ground connection between the chassis of the switch and the rack.


Warning: System grounding must comply with local electrical code.

Grounding Posts


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