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January 16, 20232.11.0Basic CommandsAdded the "--ppcc <filename|path|pattern>" command
Updated the "-P | --counter <cntr=threshold,... | all=threshold>" command
Port CountersUpdated the "-P | -counter <<PM>=<value>>" command
Routing ValidationUpdated the "-r | -routing" command
RoutersUpdated the section. 
Congestion ControlAdded the "--ppcc <filename|path|pattern>" command and "Output Port Programmable Congestion Control" sample. 
ibdiagnet Dump FilesUpdated section
May 03, 20222.9.0Basic CommandsAdded new commands
Port CountersUpdated the Port Counters Types and Port Counters Reset parameters
Routing ValidationUpdated Routing Validation Options
Infiniband security

Added the following sections:

  • VendorSpecific Key (VS Key)
  • CongestionControl Key (CC Key)
  • Manager2Node Key (M2N Key)
Fat-Tree Topology ValidationAdded new parameters
December 07, 20212.8.0Alias GUIDsNew section
.Fat-Tree Topology Validation v2.8.0New section
Loading the Plugin from a Specific LocationNew section
Warnings and Errors Printing PolicyNew section
.NVIDIA® Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP)™ Support v2.8.0Updated the "--sharp" parameter's description.
.Routing Validation v2.8.0Updated the "--r_opt" parameter options in section Routing Validation Options.
.InfiniBand Security v2.8.0Updated section Management Key (MKEY).
.Basic Commands v2.8.0Updated commands descriptions and added new ones.
Cable Diagnostic (Plugin)Updated commands descriptions
Phy Diagnostic (Plugin)Updated commands descriptions
Fabric Links ValidationUpdated Link Speed Validation command and values.
February 20211.0AllConverted to HTML version.