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This section is relevant only for devices not supporting GeneralInfoSMP and GeneralInfoGMP MADs.

--write_capability <file>Writes out an example file for capability masks configuration, also writes the default capability masks for some devices.
--read_capability <file>Specifies the capability of the mask configuration file for the fabric. ibdiagnet uses this mapping for Vendor Specific MADs sending.


# This capability masks configuration file was automatically generated by ibdiagnet

# Starting of SMP Vendor Specific Attributes section

# Capability Mask per vendor id and device id
# Here come devices that don't support GeneralInfo MAD.
# The Capability Mask is presented in IPv6 format
# NOTE: It is illegal to define a rule for a DevID with no FW and then define one with FW.
# Example: VenID: 0x2c9 DevID: 0xc738 mask: ::3
#          meaning devices of vendor 0x2c9 and device 0xc738
#          the supported SMP vendor specific attributes are
#          those of capability with mask bit 1 and 2
VenID: 0x2c9 DevID: 0x66 mask: ::
VenID: 0x2c9 DevID: 0x191 mask: ::c0
VenID: 0x2c9 DevID: 0x1b4 mask: ::c0
VenID: 0x2c9 DevID: 0x3f8 mask: ::