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This section specifies options for output files control. Output sections or files can be removed from output disabled/enabled or redirected to the separated files.

--disable_output <list of file types>Disables the output to the specific dump files or removes specific CSV section in ibdiagnet2.db_csv file.
--enable_output <list of file types>Enables the output to the specific dump files or to the specific CSV sections in ibdiagnet2.db_csv file.
--path <list pairs type=path>

Sets the custom path for specific file per type.

Can be used with -o | --output_path.

  1. Example: 

    ibdiagnet --disable_output vports,vports_pkey,pkey 

    VPorts, VPorts Pkey and Partition keys files will not be generated.

  2. Example: 

    ibdiagnet  --disable_output csv:nodes

    All the expected files will be dumped, section 'NODES' will not be created in ibdiagnet2.db_csv.

  3. Example: 

    ibdiagnet  --disable_output default --enable_output db_csv,lst,net_dump,pm


    -I- Database                      : /var/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.db_csv
    -I- LST                           : /var/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.lst
    -I- Network dump                  : /var/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.net_dump
    -I- Ports Counters                : /var/ibdiagnet2/

  4. Example:

    ibdiagnet --disable_output default --enable_output csv:NODES 

    Only 'NODES' & 'PM_INFO' section will be dumped to the ibdiagnet2.db_csv file.

  5. Example: 

    --path default=/tmp/,db_csv=/tmp/db/,vports_pkey=/tmp/vkeys/ 


    -I- You can find detailed errors/warnings in: /tmp/ibdiagnet2.log
    -I- Database                      : /tmp/db/ibdiagnet2.db_csv
    -I- VPorts Pkey                   : /tmp/vkeys/ibdiagnet2.vports_pkey