Fabric Discovery

IBUtils2 Utility Release Notes v2.15

The section specifies additional options applicable to the fabric discovery stage of ibdiagnet.





By default, ibdiagnet does network discovery without checking duplicated switch GUIDs. To allow duplicated switch GUIDs check, this option should be specified.

ibdiagnet --enable_switch_dup_guid


Deprecated. Speeds up fabric discovery by detecting down ports from switch's "Switch Port State Table". A switch must support the table. Otherwise will have no effect.

ibdiagnet --enable_spst


Discovers a network and dumps it into ibdiganet2.db_csv file. This file may be used later with --load_from_file option.

ibdiagnet --discovery_only

The following ibdiagnet option can be used to avoid fabric discovery and speed up fabric diagnostics.




-f | --load_from_file <path to ibdiagnet2.db_csv file>

Loads ibdiagnet db_csv from file to skip fabric discovery. HCAs and switches configuration will be obtained from the provided file. The input file must be a valid ibdiagnet db_csv file.

  • The following command should be run prior to ibdiagnet -f invocation:

ibdiagnet --discovery_only -o /tmp

  • Once valid ibdiagnet.db_csv is created in /tmp directory, one can run:

ibdiagnet -f /tmp/ibdiagnet2.db_csv

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