25Gb/s Ethernet and 100Gb/s VPI Application Acceleration Platforms

NVIDIA® Mellanox® Innova™-2 Flex Open is a family of innovative adapter cards that combine the advanced ConnectX®-5 VPI network controller ASIC with a state-of-the-art FPGA. Maximizing network efficiency and scalability, these cards offers customers an open platform for developing custom-made offloads for a range of applications, including Storage, High Performance Computing (HPC), Machine Learning, Security, Networking, and more.

Mellanox Innova-2 Flex Open dual-port 25Gb/s Ethernet and 100Gb/s VPI network adapter cards combine the Mellanox ConnectX-5 with a fully open programmable Xilinx® FPGA, utilizing the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite development environment and Mellanox tools suite. The Vivado license is to be obtained from Xilinx.

With Mellanox Innova-2 Flex Open, FPGA resources are fully dedicated to the customer’s application logic. Mellanox Innova-2 Flex Open reduces TCO by combining the FPGA acceleration with the network card on a single PCIe slot. The FPGA is connected to the host via an embedded PCIe switch supporting x8 Gen4, and is therefore visible to the host as a PCIe device.

The documentation provided here includes:

The following attachments accompany the User Manual:

  1. Verilog_VHDL_and_Xilinx_Design_Constrains.zip:

    • Verilog (.v) User pinout top level

    • VHDL (.vhd) User pinout top level

    • Xilinx Design Constrains (.xdc): Pinout location and type, clock rates, and device configuration

  2. DDR Configuration Excel

  3. Innova-2 Flex Open Interface Pinouts

  4. Mellanox Innova-2™ Flex Xilinx PCI Express DMA with DDR4 Example Design

Ordering Part Numbers

The table below provides the ordering part numbers (OPN) for the available ConnectX-5 Ethernet adapter cards.

IC in Use


Marketing Description



Mellanox Innova-2 Flex Open for Application Acceleration, dual-port SFP28, 25GbE, KU15P, 8GB, No Crypto, PCI4.0 x8, HHHL, active heat sink, tall bracket


Mellanox Innova-2 Flex Open VPI, dual-port QSFP28, EDR / 100GbE, KU15P, No memory, No Crypto, PCI4.0 x8, HHHL, passive heat sink, tall bracket

Note that the terms Mellanox Innova-2 Flex and Mellanox Innova-2 Flex Open may be used interchangeably in this document to represent the products.

Product Web Page

Please visit http://www.mellanox.com → Products → Ethernet → SmartNICs → Innova-2 Flex SmartNIC
or http://www.mellanox.com → Products → InfiniBand → Smart Adapters / SmartNICs → Innova-2 Flex Smart Adapter.

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