Bug Fixes

NVIDIA Innova-2 Flex Open Adapter Card

The following table describes bug fixes in this bundle release.

Bug Fixes History

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Description: When the User image is set to load, after server reboot there is a small chance that it will not be visible over PCI. This occurs due to a suboptimal loading process of the FPGA image that may cause the OS PCI enumeration to complete before the FPGA is visible over PCI. Please contact Mellanox support in case this behavior is consistent. This will be fixed in future releases.

Keywords: User image, server reboot, PCI

Discovered in release: 18.11

Fixed in release: 18.12


Description: When two Innova_2_Flex_Open cards are installed on a server, the Innova-2 Flex Open application does not function.

Keywords: burning tool

Discovered in release: 18.07

Fixed in release: 18.11


Description: When a User Image is burned through PCI burn tool, the tool deletes another 4KB from the flash after last image byte.

Keywords: burn tool, flash

Discovered in release: 18.05

Fixed in release: 18.07


Description: Burning progress bar will wrap around to zero for images larger than 40 MB. This has no affect on the burn process.

Keywords: burn progress

Discovered in release: 18.05

Fixed in release: 18.07


Description: If the user burns a corrupted User Image and power cycles the machine (which loads the FPGA from flash), the FPGA will not be programmed.

Keywords: User Image, FPGA

Discovered in release: 18.05

Fixed in release: 18.07

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