Changes and New Features

NVIDIA Innova-2 Flex Open Adapter Card



Version 18.12.00

Reload User Image

Added the option to reload user image. See description in "Reload User Image" in the User Manual.

Version 18.11.00

JTAG Access

Added the option to enable JTAG Access. See description in “JTAG Access to the FPGA” in the User Manual.

Factory Image

Added a Factory Image. See description in "FPGA images on card: Factory/Flex/User” in the User Manual.

FPGA Power Control

Added the ability to control FPGA power while the Flex Image is running.

FPGA Temperature

Added the ability to obtain FPGA temperature while User Image is active.

Image Burn

Added the ability to burn User Image without using the Innova-2 on-board DDR device.

Innova-2 Flex Application Log

Added a log for Innova-2 Flex application. Resides in /var/log/ morse_install.log".

Innova-2 Flex 25G/Innova-2 Flex VPI Support

Added support for Innova-2 Flex VPI

The bundle is forward compatible with future FW and MLNX_OFED releases (see Compatible Software Releases). Mellanox will release a new bundle only in case there is a change in one of the bundle components that breaks this forward compatibility.

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